2/3 PERSON RELAY: The traditional relay team option with one member swimming, one cycling, and one running. This option is available for three GFT distances, 1/3, 2/3 and the full distance.  Please note that all laps of a single segment of the relay must be completed by the same athlete.  This means if you are participating in the full distance relay, and you are the cyclist, then you must complete all three laps of the bike course.  If you wish to have a different athlete complete a lap of the bike course, then you must register your team as a 4-9 person relay.

5-9 PERSON RELAY:  The Great Floridian's unique three lap format allows for 9 individual course segments; three for the swim, three for the bike, and three for the run. Grab some friends, training partners, or coworkers and create a team. Think of this as the Ragnar relay of multisport!  This special relay team competition is available for the full distance only.  Click here for more info on the 9 Person Relay.


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