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IronPenguinAttached is my old "Annual Scary Post" for IronVirgins. I think it still applies to many.


    FredThe water stations are approximately 1 mile apart. If you are racing the 140.6 course, you'll also have access to your run special needs bag 5 times after you start the run.


      TRIDougDoes anybody know if there is athlete tracking available? Not finding any info. (doesn't mean it's not there) ?


      • FredYes, we'll have limited tracking available along with text messaging for the finish. Watch for details on Thursday afternoon when the athlete guide will be emailed out.


      EnduradadAbby, I think they are the numbers in the Hex signs. At least that is where they usually are located.
      Does anyone know if Mad Dogs will be there this year?


      • FredUnfortunately the Mad Dog Tri club is more focused on Ironman branded races
        and events in the Tampa/St. Pete area. We invited them up to help us celebrate
        the 25th running of the GFT, especially seeing how they were very involved in
        the race in the early days, but there was no interest. :(

      EnduradadAbby, I think aid stations are the hex numbers 1-5. At least they look like where they usually are located.


      • abbyoYes, I figured that first glance I thought the numbers were miles, then I realized they didn't quite match up!

      abbyoAnother far apart are the aid stations on the run? I don't see any marked on the course map.


        KARyour hand in front of your face. Get tinted goggles, if it's a clear morning, you'll be looking into the sun on "out" laps. Treat yourself to new goggles. Make sure your bike is tunes up. With all of the hills, rollers and turns, you'll be going


        • KARyour gears pretty regularly. Prepare for wind and heat in the afternoon. In '06, it was 118 degrees on the bike course. Bring a wetsuit, in case it's wetsuit legal, you'll be glad you did.9/20/2015

        • KAR"through" your gears. And make sure your bike is tune"d" up. And make sure you have fresh tubes and cartridges in your bike bag. I've heard nightmares of this simple thing ruining someone's day.9/20/2015

        KARHi Abby! Look for the Tribe to announce activities, and catch up with us. Group swims and rides with new friends will take the edge off. A couple of tips if this is your first GFT: buy new goggles. The water is not clear, it's murky, you can't see


          abbyoDoes anyone know if it is possible to do a pre-race swim in the lake on Friday the 23rd? I'm just wondering if there's a spot we can get in and loosen up a bit in the water! Also, is there a good route nearby for a 10-12 mile bike ride? Thanks.


          • KARIt's been awhile since my last GFT, but a swim in the lake has always been available on a Thursday or Friday. Also, lots of roads around to loosen up the bike legs and shift gears. Good luck!9/15/2015

          • abbyoThanks! I'm counting down the weeks...9/17/2015

          • abbyoJust found the schedule of events for Oct. 22-25--Open water swim practice is right on there...I just will have to make an effort to be there in time for the official swim!9/19/2015

          KARHey E-Dad, long time, no hear. Busy summer. Long rides getting rained out every Sat, not looking good for GFT, I'll be staying at Meridian Hotel, used to be Days Inn. Check in Thursday pm, then to GFT registration, .then off to pasta feed.


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