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KARCongratulations goes out to EnduraDad, for finishing the 2016 GFT! You said you wouldn't let Fred beat you twice, and you were good to your word. Good on ya!

2 months ago

    Gene Mitchellgft is the best event, I have "lost my way" and hope to return(smile)

    4 months ago

      KAROff-season is over for me: 4 obstacle courses, 4 half marathons and 2 10k's. I've deferred my April 3 race til next year. I need to re-coup. Some tri: May 15, then IM build begins...


        KARWeekend: Friday 30 min swim, Sat 8m run, Sun 20 m bike. First tri is Apr 3rd... Half mar in 1:59 last week, half mar next weekend, then this and that... Hey E-Dad, what hotel were you in last year? What happened to Yakabo?


        • KARstrange thought while running Sat: has anyone heard of someone training for, and finishing, an Ironman w/o leaving the driveway? 2/22/2016

        EnduradadHard to believe we are down to less than 9 months. My training marathon will the KY Derby. I'm also going to do the Ride Across Indiana (RAIN) 160 mi. bike to get GFT ready. Then the Chattanooga River rat 4.5 mi. swim. Fred won't beat me again!


          KARsorry, that should be Glenn Frey...


            KARGFT in 9 months...turned 56 today, still kickin ass...ran 11m today, cold windy...r.i.p. Glen Frey...o'course next week, then half mar...then BattleFrog...then half mar...then tri...season...


              EnduradadI know it makes sense to do it after, but I don't know if we can stay a that long.


                EnduradadI think I'll be staying in the park at Port Orleans. It might make the race a little harder to set up, but I want time with my little girl. We are still trying to decide if we do Disney before, or after GFT.


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