HammyIs the run course asphalt or gravel? Is it flat or hilly? Shady or all open?


    DaveHI'm sure all my questions will be answered in the athlete guide, but...are the special needs bags provided or do we bring our own? Also, how are they accessed, particularly on the bike course. Handed out by volunteers or do we just look for our own?


    • HammyThe race will provide the bags. You'll pack them at your hotel room, apply the race number stickers to them, drop them off with volunteers at the race site. Special needs bags will be handed to you by volunteers as you ride by or if you stop on the bike; same for run. As for the T1 and T2 bags...not sure if you grab them off the rack or volunteers give it to you...I *think* it was discussed in the pre-race email PDF.10/19/2015

    HammyIs there an official photography company for the race, and if so, who?


    • Fredbbactionphoto.com will be shooting the race this year. 10/15/2015

    • HammyThank you, Fred! I know Bob for years! He's awesome.10/19/2015

    HammyHELP! Not ready for the bike course! Fred, can we do the old course which seems to not be as brutal...or is my Alzheimer's already working and I forgot how hard it was in the 90's?!?!?!


      TRIDougIs there athlete tracking available??


      • FredYes, we'll have limited tracking available along with text messaging for the finish. Watch for details on Thursday afternoon when the athlete guide will be mailed out.


      • HammyIndeed. I cannot remember how I navigated and found it accidentally, but you can register someone's phone number, as I recall, to get text message updates.10/15/2015

      • FredYes, you can go to runsignup.com to sign up for text messaging. Details will be in the email that is going out to all athletes tomorrow.

      FredThe official entry lists have been updated and can be found here - https://runsignup.com/Race/FindARunner/?raceId=17345

      We look forward to seeing everyone in October!


      • FredThe current entry lists with bib number assignments can be found on GreatFloridian.com.10/14/2015

      RobertWhy is everybody I know who would be interested in doing the 2015 already an alumni? And already signed up. I think I need a wider variety of friends.


        FredCan't believe we are 4 days away from the big day!


          FredHere's the first ever GFT bike course from 1991!


          • FredIf we used this course today we would have traffic backed up on highway 50 from coast to coast. :)10/14/2014

          • HammyThat course from the late 1990's was awesome! Hopefully this three-loop route...with triple hills...will be good, too.10/19/2015

          FredI just know the 2014 GFT is going to be the best ever!!!


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              GFT Cafe

              The place to hang and discuss everything related to the GFT Endurance Festival and related events.

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