KARGood luck to all participants for the GFT. Training is over, all that's left is to enjoy the day and get to the finish line. Run your race, stay within yourself, and most importantly, stick to your nutrition plan.

1 day ago

    KARKnee surgery Dec 5th, and then on Feb 15th, I was FINALLLY given the OK to resume running, but slowly and easily. I fought off surgery for as long as I could, hoping to find a simpler remedy, but the mri showed otherwise...


    • KARFirst tri this year is on Mar 12th, that may be shelved, unless I powerwalk the 10k...or find a relay partner. Hard to believe the GFT Ultra is already at $425. Hmmm...2/28/2017

    KARCongratulations goes out to EnduraDad, for finishing the 2016 GFT! You said you wouldn't let Fred beat you twice, and you were good to your word. Good on ya!


      KAROff-season is over for me: 4 obstacle courses, 4 half marathons and 2 10k's. I've deferred my April 3 race til next year. I need to re-coup. Some off-season...next tri: May 15, then IM build begins...


        KARWeekend: Friday 30 min swim, Sat 8m run, Sun 20 m bike. First tri is Apr 3rd... Half mar in 1:59 last week, half mar next weekend, then this and that... Hey E-Dad, what hotel were you in last year? What happened to Yakabo?


          EnduradadHard to believe we are down to less than 9 months. My training marathon will the KY Derby. I'm also going to do the Ride Across Indiana (RAIN) 160 mi. bike to get GFT ready. Then the Chattanooga River rat 4.5 mi. swim. Fred won't beat me again!


            EnduradadI know it makes sense to do it after, but I don't know if we can stay a that long.


              EnduradadI think I'll be staying in the park at Port Orleans. It might make the race a little harder to set up, but I want time with my little girl. We are still trying to decide if we do Disney before, or after GFT.


                EnduradadIt's official M-Dot bought out Beach2Battleship. NOW GFT is the only one left. THANK YOU Fred for keeping our race going!


                • KARbecause of im florida, gft should be safe, UNLESS athletes tire of a pancake flat, and dull course12/19/2015

                EnduradadAnyone know how long the drive is from Disney to Clermont? I'm taking my Daughter and Son-in-law there and I'll have to drive back and forth.


                • KARabout a 30 min drive. what hotel will you be staying for gft?12/27/2015

                EnduradadFred, I know it's early but if you can make the names on the BIBS bigger and bolder it would be great. I couldn't read them to cheer for runners last year.


                  EnduradadIs there any truth to the rumor that Beach2Battleship was bought out by M-Dot?


                    EnduradadI plan on doing the Rugged Maniac with my sons this summer. I'm working hard on my run this winter to get ready for GFT. I can't let it beat me again!


                      KARI see on twitter feed that IM Florida prices increase soon. It used to sell out in minutes. Did a Spartan race last Sat, pouring rain made it even better! If you get a chance to do one, don't miss it!


                        EnduradadDid you notice that GFT has 420 signed up already. Wow.


                          EnduradadI'm trying to get my body back in shape. I run a 5K Thanksgiving and I feel good, but my energy level is low. It feels like I'm exhausted after 10-15 min. I'm not sure how I'm going to get a lot stronger next year.


                            KAROnly 11 months til GFT '16...


                              EnduradadI know Enduralite tabs seemed to get rid of them but I still had no power left. I think that I actually took to many? in 2006 I did this same course and it was about 10 degrees hotter, but something was different this year.(besides I'm 10 yrs. older)


                              • KARLooks like you have "homework" to do this off season! Cause of cramps? Hydraton? Nutrition? Nerves? Where is Tony Guerra when we need him?11/7/2015

                              • KARI may have some old posts from Tony G. regarding cramps, but I think he referenced potassium as a preventative. I'll keep you posted...11/7/2015

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